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Jinoh is a boy around the same height as Jungho with short black hair. he most often wears a yellow sweatshirt or jacket.


Jinoh has a very care free and laid back person who didn’t hesitate to make friends with Jungho despite him being an outcast. However he also has a huge temper and doesn’t like to be called names. He also really likes bananas, so much he got the nickname monkey and he doesn't like it.

Powers and Abilities[]


From the very start of the series, Jinoh displayed unbound skills with Kickboxing. He showed his skills in said sport several times, being capable of taking on Jeon Seokmu, a Judo master, rather casually. He was even capable of holding his ground against Jae Galhwa before the latter gained Beelzebub's powers. Later on, he showed his Kickboxing skills in conjugation with his Holy Powers, as well as the day he got them.

Holy Powers[]

As an exorcist Jinoh has access to holy powers, given to him by the archangel Raziel, which are a piece of Uriel's heart. These powers enhance his body to superhuman levels, however releasing his maximum power has great consequences so normally he’s just slightly stronger and faster than a normal person.

  • Nephilim Mode” - A form that Jinoh takes on by gaining access to a slight portion of Uriel's powers. This makes his entire body being bathed in bright light, the chest are where his heart is located has a blue glowing fire ball-like orb, and a huge halo appearing on the top of his head. In this form, Jinoh's already superhuman strength is enhanced off the roof, being capable of taking on Jungho after the latter was possessed by Leviathan. The downside of this mode, however, is that Jinoh can only maintain it for 1 minute before his body gives up, forcing Jinoh to use it as one of his trump cards.
  • Uriel Mode” - An enhanced form of the Nephilim Mode. In this mode, Jinoh's body takes on a light blue color instead of the Nephilim Mode original golden color, with a light blue glowing cross appearing on his heart. This mode is an even stronger mode, where Jinoh directly tabs into Uriel's powers. Jinoh, however, can use certain portions of Uriel's powers, and at first, in Episode 50, Jinoh's powers would dispel upon even using one attack while in this mode, but by chapter 72 and onwards, Jinoh is able to use stimulant attacks in succession in this mode.
    • Uriel Fist 10%: Iron Maiden” - Jinoh charges at his opponent with massive speed, pummeling them with kicks and punches from all directions.
    • Uriel Fist 10%: Storm of Guillotine” - Jinoh charges his fist with holy energy, before punching his enemy's abdomen so hard to cause them to fly away, breaking the sound barrier.
    • Uriel Fist 20%: Morning Star” - Jinoh charges both fists with holy energy, before slamming both of them at his opponent, releasing an energy wave that sends enemies flying away.
    • Uriel Fist 80%: Rising Inferno” - Jinoh charges his fist with holy energy, before slamming it into his opponent as a stream of glitter is spread around Jinoh.
    • Uriel Fist 80%: Battering Ram” - Jinoh charges his fist with holy energy, before throwing it towards his opponent, releasing a massive energy beam from his fist.
    • Uriel Fist 100%” - This percentage is considered the strongest, with Jinoh being capable of tabbing into it after Uriel accepted him as the wielder of his powers. This power output of the Uriel Fist series has four moves, with each one of them having the shared attribute of nullifying the powers and abilities of its victim for 10 seconds. By so far, Jinoh has displayed three moves out of the four.
      • Cuatro Ser Vivo: Uno - Leon”(Four Beasts: First - Lion) - Manifesting his aura in the shape of a lion behind him, Jinoh charges his fist with holy energy, before throwing it at the opponent. Once his fist makes contact with the opponent, it releases three ethereal blue slash marks, slashing the opponent instead of bruising them.
      • Cuatro Ser Vivo: Segundo - Buitre”(Four Beasts: Second - Eagle) - Manifesting his aura in the shape of an eagle behind him, Jinoh charges his leg with holy energy, before slamming his heel down on his opponent.
      • Cuatro Ser Vivo: Tercero - Bicho”(Four Beasts: Third - Bull) - Manifesting his aura in the shape of a bull behind him, Jinoh charges with his holy energy charged fist at the opponent, before slamming it into their abdomen, sending them flying away at speeds that break the sound barrier.
  • Fallen Mode” - The perfected version of Uriel Mode, having been achieved after Jinoh's will weakened when Galhwa provoked him about taking revenge of Sihyun for killing his father and sister, and proceeding to kill Sihyun. In this mode, Jinoh's skin becomes charcoal gray in color, his hair becomes golden, and he gains glowing golden rune-like drawings on his back, with the cross on his heart becoming golden and flipped upside down. This mode enhances all of Jinoh's abilities and powers to abnormal degrees. In addition to the increased strength and power, his defense increase to astounding levels, up to the extent that Jungho's ethereal knives shatter upon contact with his skin. This mode also appears to give him precognition, as in Chapter 77, he was able to foresee the direction of Jungho's attack and block it easily. Unlike his previous modes, this mode doesn't place any kind of noticeable strain or harm on Jinoh, and he is capable of using all of his arsenal to full capacity if he so desired without facing any kind of consequences.

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