Raziel is an angel who protects the Archangel Gabriel. She is the self proclaimed inforcer of Gods Rules. She is also the Archangel of Knowledge(refer to episode 39).

Appearance Edit

Raziel takes the appearance of a young girl with blue hair and eyes, however, her bangs cover her eyes most of the time. She has an earring of a cross on her left ear and is seen throughout the series in many different outfits. In the extra hiatus episode (40.5), she states that she is very picky with her clothes, but doesn't care all too much about her hairstyle.

Personality Edit

Raziel is very easygoing and playful when first introduced. She seems to take her job as an angel very seriously and gets annoyed whenever someone refers to her as a child.(Refer to episode 17, where Lee Sihyun calls Raziel a kid).

Powers and Abilities Edit

Holy powers Edit

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