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"Kekekeke..." ― Mephistopheles

Mephistopheles is an overarching antagonist, and also the tritagonist of the webcomic series, he is an archdevil and the one who granted Jungho the power of the pain transfer in episode 1.


Mephisto takes the form of a small little red devil with a tie and three earrings on his right ear. His true form is that of a tall man with shoulder-length red hair, a horn on the left side of his head and wearing a black suit.

Mephisto in Human form


Mephisto is a strange and mysterious person. it’s Almost impossible to tell what he’s thinking.

Mephisto firstly appeared to be a friendly individual that would make people believe that he is their one and only ally that they can only rely and entrust on with something. However, his true nature are all the polar-opposite of what others expected, the reason to why Mephisto is friendly towards others is because of the joyfulness he experiences from winning the game he's playing up against God.

Mephisto is sadistic and a sociopath trickster that always conceals his real nature in order to fool as many people he wants (unless the perfect moment comes), his real alignment is neutral, he isn't on neither the evil or the good side, he's only on his own side, yet, if the mortals he fools still have the willpower to resist his offer and manipulation, he would asked his sister, Lilith, for help to set out scenes or events that'll slowly trick/fool/convinced the individual to comply to his offer's request (Usually, Lilith is in-charge of ruining the lives of those who tries to defy Mephisto's offer). This is how he manage to trick Faust into taking his deal, which results in him betraying Faust claiming that he couldn't reverse time and Faust is just a pawn for a gamble he made with God.

He is cunning, highly-intelligent, and display extreme megalomania, and joyfulness towards the time when he was able to win God in all sorts of bet they made. Mepshito doesn't have any degree of loyalty at all as it is implied in the story that once when the game finishes, he would double-cross the peoples that trusted and formed alliance with him, because they are useless at that point.

Powers and Abilities[]

Mephisto is very strong, he was able to defend himself against Lee Sihyun’s attack’s effortlessly, and his mere precense makes others uncomfortable.

  • Dark Energy Blast
  • Teleportation
  • Size Manipulation