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He has black hair and blue eyes, is of normal height and wears an earring. Despite not actually going to school he still wears a school uniform.


Acts very cool and calm and rarely shows emotions like happiness or sadness.

Powers and Abilities[]

Gabriel’s Holy Powers[]

Powers given to him by the angel Raziel to counteract the powers of Beelzebub inside of him, as well as expel other demons.

  • Izad Zeher”(Shield of God) - Forms two large inpenetrable hands to shield him from damage.
  • Izad Az Sadebad”(Gods Violent Storm) - Forms four wings that create a large gust of wind to knock back enemies.
  • Mariam Tadib”(Mary’s Retribution) - Creates a large statue like structure of Mary praying on top of a enemy to keep them from moving.
  • Genesis”- Sihyun fires of a large blast of light.
  • Sorutir Tir”(Gabriel’s Arrow) - Fires multiple arrows of light.
  • Egis Escudo”(Shield of Egis) - Creates a massive golden shield made out of holy energy to block attacks. It is stronger than Izad Zeher.

Beelzebub's strength[]

Sihyun possessed by Beelzebub

Somewhere between chapters 28 and 30, Sihyun gets possessed by Belzebub.


Because Sihyun has powers of both good and evil, the two clash inside him.