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Jungho is a boy who is constantly bullied by the students in his class, their leader, Jae Galhwa eventually treats him as a dog. Jungho wishes to take revenge on his bullies, and it happened, a demon name Mephisto arrives and makes a deal with him, he will give him the power to kill his bullies in exchange for his soul. However, Jungho wasn't aware that he is apart of a game that is played by both the Heavens and Hell.

Jungho later on discovers that he is the reincarnation of an alchemist who sold his soul to the devil in order to live a successful life, only to find out that he was deceived by the demon, whose actually Mephisto.


In the past, Jungho is a infamous and simple-life alchemist that lives somewhere in the Salem witch trial era named Faust, Faust recently has taken in a student who is a number #1 fan of his as a disciple, and a friend who supports him in his success.

At one night, when Faust is in the middle of his research, he was visited by a demon name Mephisto, who offers him a drink and a deal to live a successful life in exchange for his soul. However, Faust knew very well the nature of demons as what humans have learned about them throughout history and strongly declines the offer, Mephisto is already aware of this and so, he came up with a backup plan, he summons and orders his sister Lilith to make Faust fall into despair by making the alchemist witness his fiance having an affair with his close friend, the moment when this happens, Fause falls deeply into sorrow and despair, he then accepts Mephisto's deal, the deal ends up in a catastrophe, Faust's friend was forced to witness Fautst's fiance to be burned after the village accused her for being a witch, Faust's close friend gets possessed by a demon and rampaged the entire village, his disciple discovers that Faust made deals with the devil and ends up losing hope in his idol, and the disciple himself is forced to watch his father died while the house is set ablaze and Faust kills him.

Faust later orders Mephisto to turn back time only to discover that Mephisto has deceived him.


Jungho is a fairly average looking boy with average height and a fairly average build. He also has black hair and blue eyes and on his right arm is a tattoo like mark given to him by Mephistopheles . He wears normal school attire and rarely anything else. In Episode 26 we see him with red eyes and hair, a black jacket and pants, along with a red mask and red gloves.


Jungho is very shy, timid, and gets embarrassed easily. However, Jungho's nature drastically changes the moment when his love-interest dies when her past identity was exposed to everyone.

Jungho apparently ends up falling into despair so bad that he became sadistic, vengeful, cruel, ruthless, and would do anything to get his revenge even if it means making a classmate of his killing another person.

Powers and Abilities[]

Leviathan’s Breath[]

The source of Jungho’s power comes from the Archdevil Leviathan who is considered the true devil.

Jungho’s demon mark

The symbol of this power takes the form of a black tattoo over his right arm that slowly grows and consumes him the more he uses his powers.

Pain Transfer

  • By injuring himself he can cause a person he hates to fill the pain of what he did to himself while he suffers from no pain or injury.

    Jungho summoning his knife

Injury Transfer

  • Jungho’s upgraded version of his ability to transfer pain. A reddish grey horn like structure appears on Jungho’s head when he uses this power.

The full extent of Jungho’s powers have not been shown yet and it isn't clear precisely how they work, but we know that he can also surround himself in dark energy and summon a orange glowing knife

Jungo transformed into a demonic monster thing.

from nowhere.