Jungho is the main character of The Devil's Boy and the person who makes a deal with the demon Mephistopheles.

Appearance Edit

Jungho is a fairly average looking boy with average height and a fairly average build. He also has black hair and blue eyes and on his right arm is a tattoo like mark given to him by Mephistopheles . He wears normal school attire and rarely anything else. In Episode 26 we see him with red eyes and hair, a black jacket and pants, along with a red mask and red gloves.

Personality Edit

Jungho is very shy and timid and gets embarrassed easily. He also has some what of a temper and when he gets Mephistopheles mark which allows him to transfer pain, he lashes out against his bully’s.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Leviathan’s Breath Edit

The source of Jungho’s power comes from the Archdevil Leviathan who is considered the true devil.
Jungho Tattoo 2

Jungho’s demon mark

The symbol of this power takes the form of a black tattoo over his right arm that slowly grows and consumes him the more he uses his powers.

Pain Transfer

  • By injuring himself he can cause a person he hates to fill the pain of what he did to himself while he suffers from no pain or injury.
    Jungho Ability 1

    Jungho summoning his knife

Injury Transfer

  • Jungho’s upgraded version of his ability to transfer pain. A reddish grey horn like structure appears on Jungho’s head when he uses this power.

The full extent of Jungho’s powers have not been shown yet and it isn't clear precisely how they work but we know that he can also surround himself in dark energy and summon a orange glowing knife from nowhere.