Galhwa using Beelzebub's powers as well as Gabriel's


Galhwa is tall and has long black hair. Normally frowning, He wears a school uniform just about all the time, and is usually seen with a white headband to keep his bangs out of his eyes (as stated in episode 40.5). In episode 37, He is seen wearing a black leather jacket. After he gains Beelzebub's powers, He wears a white jacket, white pants, and white shoes and whenever he decides to use said powers, his hair becomes much longer and turns blue.


Jae Galhwa is ruthless and sadistic to anyone he sees in his way even if they are older than him, taller than him, or women. He likes to bully people because he either sees them as a loser or weaker than him. Which is partially due to his abusive father.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Up until chapter 52, Jae Galhwa doesn't have powers but he is strong enough to fight multiple people at the same time, is mostly immune to Jungho's powers of inflicting pain, and fast enough to keep up with Wie Jinoh and break his arm and has an indomitable willpower to match.

Beelzebub's Powers Edit

In chapter 52, Galhwa gains all of Beelzebub's powers after overpowering him.

  • Nuro Carena”(Chain of Annulment) - Galhwa creates dark tentacles that emerge from the shadow of a cross on the ground to wrap around enemies, effectively immobilizing them and restraining any kind of movement that the enemy can make.
  • Lucifero”(Lucifer) - Galhwa creates a massive magic circle above his head in the air, which shoots a massive beam of darkness energy down on opponents.
  • Tres Bruja”(Three Witches) - A technique that seems to be the creation of Galhwa himself, and a follow-up to Mariam Tadib, Galhwa starts it by casting Mariam Tadib to crush his opponents underneath the figure of Mary, before channeling Beelzebub's magic into said figure, causing it to transform into the form of three giant soul reaper figures who take on the same praying pose as Mary's figure, further crushing the opponent even more underneath the even increased weight.
  • Dedravacion Flecha”(Arrow of Depravity) - A technique similar to Lee Sihyun's Sorutir Tir, but using Beelzebub's powers to cast it, Galhwa creates two hands made out of dark magic, where said hands proceed to fire off an arrow of dark magic. Once the arrow collides with a solid surface or collides with the enemy, it releases a massive explosion.
  • Diablo Parusia”(Descendant of the Demon) - Galhwa creates a large rune made out of Beelzebub's powers above his head, where a massive demon emerges from it. Said demon has a human skull as its head with goat horns on the two sides of his forehead. This demon has the ability to fire a massive beam of darkness from its mouth
  • Hellfire Manipulation” - Galhwa can summon fire from hell to burn down his enemies. Said fire can even burn both body and soul.
  • Tendrils” - Galhwa has the ability to summon dark magic tendrils from his back to pierce his opponents with it. He can also cause those tendrils to emerge from the ground as spikes, catching the enemy by surprise.
  • Explosion Manipulation” - Galhwa can release explosions made out of dark energy from his hands at his enemies.
  • Dark Cross” - Galhwa can crucify his opponents on crosses made out of dark magic. Any victim of Galhwa who is crucified on the crosses will lose his ability to move, being under Galhwa's mercy. In addition to this, the crosses are surrounded by an energy barrier to prevent outside intervention, and unless Galhwa wishes for it, no one or nothing can hope to touch the crosses.

Gabriel's Holy PowersEdit

Galhwa also possesses Archangel Gabriel's powers due to being a reincarnation of Wagner, a human who was favored by Gabriel, and the only one to receive his blessing.

  • Mariam Tadib”(Mary’s Retribution) - Galhwa creates a large statue like structure of Mary praying on top of a enemy to keep them from moving.
  • Genesis”- Galhwa fires of a large blast of light.
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